Keep Track Of Your Billable Time With biometric Time Clock

Biometric attendance system is widely used by various businesses nowadays. Their effectiveness is most confirmative when it comes to tracking the employees.

Fingerprint Biometric clocks are easy to install and convenient for the managerial department to track their employees.

It checks that one employee does not clock in or out for another employee, because biometrics cannot be cheated.

Previous attendance methods like signing the attendance sheet and swiping an ID card are outdated with the launch of this technology.

With the introduction of this system, time theft which is a very common thing is found to reduce.

How does the system work?

When you recruit an employee, with the documentation formalities you need to obtain their fingerprints to store in the database. Now, when an employee clocks in, his fingerprints are matched with the entries of the database. After scanning the database, the system maps the intersections and endpoints of the particular fingerprint.

Is it safe?

A popular rumor claims that Biometric entries can be obtained by law enforcement agencies by illegal hacking. But its totally vague! First of all, it is bestowed with high security that it cannot be hacked. And a biometric system only stores the fingerprints and ID number of an employee. The confidential details like Passport number are not stored. So even it can be unlocked, there’s no way your personal details will be exposed.

Types of biometric attendance systems

There are several types of biometric time clocks. You have to pick one which will suit your needs as well as be convenient for you to utilize.

  • Proximity terminals
  • PC-BASED clocking
  • Desktop readers

What are the advantages?

If you are still not convinced to update yourself from the attendance sheet to the biometric time clock then here are some added benefits for you.

As you might know, that each fingerprint is unique. There is no existent possibility where there are two or more persons having a similar fingerprint.

The fingerprint is stored by the formula of an algorithm.

If your workplace is insecure about time theft and other security issues then installing a biometric clock will reduce your problems.

Do you know you can restrict certain areas of your office with the aid of this device? You can restrict entry of other employees into the room containing confidential information about your organization.

Are there any drawbacks?

It is said that how much effective a system is, it will still be associated with a couple of negatives.

Some employees may oppose rendering their biometric because it is seen as an invasion of one’s privacy.

In case of any food mill or any other factory installation of the device won’t be of much use. Because the employees’ hands would be covered with food products or grease, and in that case, it is impossible for the fingerprint reader to scan the prints.


Another added boon of this system is that you can still the device at multiple places within your workplace. Consider every possibility to choose the most sturdy security system for you as well as your employees.

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