Looking for a useful site to advertise your book, service or website? Well, look no further as Paper Boulevard offers a variety of advertising options that will fit your marketing needs.

Here’s what we offer:

Banner Ads

Got an ad that is already made and need somewhere to put it? We offer four locations where you can purchase the ad space for your banner. Each location will vary in size, length, and price. This will depend on the location of the banner. All ads must be approved to meet our market.

Social Media Advertisement

With a steady growing count of followers on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, we offer advertisement posts. If you are interested in having us feature you on our Facebook or Twitter, you can purchase a tweet. Another option is our Instagram account as it has become a popular form of social media with an ever growing following on Instagram.

Sponsored Reviews

Book Reviews are free of charge here at Paper Boulevard. However, if there is a service or product that you think would appeal to our readers, feel free to contact us and discuss further details. All products and brands must be approved before we post your review.

Sponsored Posts

We offer sponsored posts for products, services, and sites that fit our audience. All companies must be approved prior to posting the review.

All products and services we receive will be disclosed within the post. We reserve the right to turn down any sponsorship or advertisement if we feel that your company is not right for our audience. Feel free to contact us for more information.