Top 4 Most Influential Books of All Time

While not anyone may agree of these books, it is the change that was provoked through these written words. They made a case about something that may not have been thought of before.

While some were known to become popular later after their time, most of them are old and still inspiring readers today.

Here are the top 4 most influential books of all time.

The Rights of Man by Thomas Paine

The novel was written in 1971 as the assessment of the French Revolution. Thomas Paine was known for his work, The American Crisis, and Common Sense.

This novel took nearly two years to write and discusses the rights that every human should hope to adopt government for their nation. Paine brings on the idea of the nation must be supported by its people. The novel soon opened the doors to building the civil rights movement.

A Vindication of the Rights of Women by Mary Wollstonecraft

During the time when women had very few rights, this novel argued that women are also human beings and should be given the same respect that is given to men.

Mary Wollstonecraft also discussed the allowance of pursuing education, business ownership and the right to vote for the government. It was through her own experience that she believed education will help educate women and free them from their slavery of husbands.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe

Written and published in the early 1850s, Uncle Tom’s Cabin is a novel about the real essence of slavery in the South. The book was known for its influence in changing the thought of Americans and how they viewed slavery.

It also helped contribute to the abolitionist movement that led to the Civil War.

The book has been appreciated by people from all over the world and is now printed in over 13 languages still today. We Buy Houses Dickinson is one of the places you can find it in Texas.

The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin

The book was published in 1859 and made such an impact that scientific communities are still feeling today. In the Origin of Species, Darwin uses his knowledge to answer the questions of life’s diversity and the idea of evolution through natural selection.

He also makes it a point to promote improvement in living things as extinction is inevitable through natural selection.

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Have you read any of these books before? Comment below and tell us what you think of them!

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4 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Books

Want to know more facts about what goes into books and the production? Look no further as we’ve got a great list of interesting facts that you probably never heard about.

Here are 4 interesting facts you didn’t know about books.

The Invention of Printing is Uncertain

While the invention of printing is granted as the main role of books and modern society, the origin is hardly certain. It is widely believed that it was Johann Gutenberg, a goldsmith from Mainz, Germany. However, there is nearly little to no evidence that shows he is the inventor. No book was ever shown to hold his name. In fact, printing was made possible through various procedures.

Faust was Considered as a Potential Candidate of the First-Ever Print

It was said that the inventor of printing was Faust, the legendary sorcerer who was said to have sold his soul to Mephistopheles. The confusion stemmed from the names of Gutenberg’s financier named Fust, whose name is Latin was Faustus. This connected the printing press story to reappear in countless forms.

A Notorious Misprint Launched the Oxford University Press

In 1631, it was believed that a notorious typo was committed by the official bible printer of the King of England. It was made of the 7th commandment of missing the word “not” that lead to “Thou shalt commit adultery.” This became a so-called “wicked” bible as forced the printer to pay a large fine for the mistake. As a result, the archbishop compelled the printer to publish the bible in the texts of ancient Greek.

Raunchy Books were the Most Profitable in the 18th Century

It was noted that obscene books were the most profitable books to sell. In fact, those so-called philosophical books are what fueled the Enlightenment to include the words of Voltaire and Rousseau. While they were once considered as philosophical, they would be considered as written porn in today’s society.

What are your favorite books? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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